Bartender and Package Pricing

All bartenders have been certified through an Arizona State Board of Education approved bartending academy and have also successfully completed Arizona Title-4 Certification -"Arizona Liquor Law".  

Pricing also includes coverage for your event in the amount of a $1,000,000.00 policy of Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage AND a $1,000,000.00 policy of General Liability Insurance Coverage.
(***not all companies carry insurance...protect yourself and be sure to ask***)

Bartender Only Pricing
(Includes min 4hrs of bar service - additional hours available upon request)

1 Certified Bartender (up to 100 guests)--------$425.00
2 Certified Bartenders (up to 200 guests)-------$525.00
3 Certified Bartenders (up to 300 guests)-------$625.00


Package Pricing
(All packages include min 4hrs of bar service by a certified bartender(s) and all required cups, straws, napkins, fruit garnishes, and
basic mixers to include cola, diet cola, sprite, tonic, soda water, cranberry, orange and pineapple juices and margarita mix.
Customer is to provide all alcohol, ice, and any additional desired mixers.)

Up to 100 people-------------------------------------$725.00
Up to 200 people-------------------------------------$875.00
Up to 300 people---------------------------------------$1,025.00
  Up to 400 people--------------------------------------$1,425.00

Table Top Bar Rental available------------$150.00

We also offer to purchase and deliver alcohol for a $175.00 service fee. 
(Receipts will be provided for reimbursement prior to day of event)


In an attempt to help you plan your event we've included the list below as a guide to give you an idea of what you might expect to pay for your alcohol.  Pricing comes from local warehouse vendors.

Movers & Shakers DOES NOT sell ANY alcohol.
(bottle size is 1.75L unless otherwise noted)



Tanquerey - $30.00
Bombay Sapphire - $28.00

Jack Daniels - $30.00
Jim Beam - $32.00
Crown Royal - $37.00

Dewars White Label - $28.00

Barcardi - $17.00
Captain Morgan - $18.00

Smirnoff - $18.00
Absolut - $24.00

Jose Cuervo - $18.00
Patron Silver - $65.00
Patron Silver (750ml) - $40.00

Beer (24pk):
Premium - $25.00
Domestic - $17.00

Wine (750ml):
$7.00 - $12.00 and up